Many hours of my childhood memories were created in the garden. 
The first garden I remember was a space full of transformation. It could become a shop, a stable, a laundry, an archery range, a tennis court or football goal at the turn of my imagination.
It was also a place where I learnt so many things about how the natural world worked and fitted together. I discovered Californian poppies had roots that looked like carrots. Runner beans had that particular smell when I split open the pods to reveal the shiny beans. Grape hyacinths could be rolled apart to make decorative blueberries for my mud pies. Peonies, with their huge heads, could hold plenty of rain water ready to be shaken out when I was next outside.
A particular favourite was the leaves on the lilac trees. They were always slightly cool to the touch and have the most beautiful deep green. 
I want to help create spaces of wonder and delight so even more people get to love being in their garden.
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